Tikun Australia

We’re passionate about improving patients’ lives. Drawing on decades of expertise, we are proud to be a licensed medicinal cannabis cultivator that’s 100% Australian.

Early days

In 2016, the Australian Government set policy in motion to amend the Narcotic Drugs Act 1967 and enable the cultivation of cannabis for medical and related research purpose. This set the stage for the current prescription-based treatment method.

We received the necessary Australian licensing for medicinal cannabis cultivation, manufacturing and research on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast and partnered with globally-regarded Tikun Olam, who shared our vision for transforming patients’ lives.

Tikun Australia

Each member of our team has a story to tell. We have either experienced our own health challenges or shared the journey with a friend, family or member of the community. This is why we’re committed to good health.

The Australian medicinal cannabis industry is still in its infancy though the practices of cultivation and manufacturing are not. We have an outstanding team who bring with them a vast array of knowledge and experience.

Tikun Australia

Our origins

Much of our expertise came from our collaboration with Tikun Olam who are global experts in medicinal cannabis cultivation, research and treatment development.

A not-for-profit and pioneer in the space, Tikun Olam has performed extensive clinical trials and assisted over 30,000 patients, building their reputation through exploring the therapeutic effects of different cannabis strains.